Warm-up for the Extravagant bodies festival on the island of Korčula

We are opening the fifth edition of triennial festival Extravagant bodies dealing with the notion of love with two performances. The main exhibition of the Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love festival opens on the 18th of September in the space of HALA V of The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb. Before the opening, KONTEJNER is traveling to the island of Korčula where we will, in collaboration with the grey area organization, present Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2 and Need Your Love So Bad.

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Biochemical cyborg is being developed at a residency in Zagreb

Italian artist Margherita Pevere arrived in Zagreb for the second phase of her residency in KONTEJNER. After the initial phase in Dubrovnik at the biotechnological laboratory UR Institute, Pevere is currently continuing her bio-art research on the materiality and desires of the leaky body.

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Extravagant Bodies Festival


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EMAP - European Media Art Platform


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Future DiverCities


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Short Circuit


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