Device Art is a concept that was invented almost at the same time in 2004 in Japan and here. Those who follow the scene related to arts and the new technologies cannot believe that it is not a matter of a kind of copying, and wonder who took the title from whom. But we claim that Device Art is just one more piece of evidence showing that ideas are universal.

And so the time has come for the third event of the Device Art triennial. This is an exhibition accompanied by various performances and lectures that, we would recall, started off from the “premise of the somewhat romantic idea of the artist/inventor who thinks through the society in which they live, from an idea that has initiated similar projects throughout the world. This is a research project that with the aid of a competition wanted to find out if there are artists in Croatia that think about technology creatively”.

Device Art is designed as a comparative show, and so when we did the exhibition for the first time in 2004 we exhibited pieces by local artists and those of the closest developed new-technology scene – the Slovene. On the domestic scene we carried out an investigation via a competition and a small number of artists entered with device works that were extremely conceptual. And so it has remained, but our appetites have been increasingly whetted, so that the domestic scene has obtained increasingly interesting and audacious co-exhibitors.

In 2006, along with Croatian and Slovene artists, we showed the California scene that with its wild, fiery and exciting robotry completely enthralled the Zagreb audiences. This year, we decided to invite Japanese Device Art. Of course, this decision was not harmed by the fact that along with the Americans it is the Japanese that are the best known in the world for their art that colludes with the new technologies.