Mika Fukumori (JP) Ototenji

sound + Braille, 2004

Ototenji is a Braille learning device for people who have the ability to see. It involves the user’s eyesight, hearing and touch. The device has a practical use, and has been presented in various locations as art and as entertainment. Its presentations have lead to heightened interest for Braille among people with eyesight.

Japanese Braille is expressed by 50 letters with a combination of 1 grid with 6 dots. The combination of vowels and consonants determines the sequence of the grids. Blocks are inserted into a panel with 6 holes and when the figure is in the Braille sequence the sound of the corresponding letter is played from the speaker. At the same time, the connection between vowels and consonants is illuminated with different colors.

Concept, production: Mika Fukumori

Design of electronic circuit: Takahiro Kobayashi

Programming: Takanori Endo

Sound: Emi Takahashi, Shani TobiasCooperation: IAMAS

Mika Fukumori (JP)

Mika Fukumori was born in 1967, in Japan. In 2004 she graduated from the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS]. Since 2005 she works at the Research Center for Media Culture, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS]. From 1994-2000 she was director of a local TV program. She has exhibited in Austria, China, Korea, USA and Japan.