Alex Brajković (HR) Drumming 0.3

2021, multimedia installation

Multimedia spatial installation Drumming 0.3 is an organic mechanism that interprets the author’s compositional instructions, producing unexpected results in a never-repeating music experience.

The solenoids built into the bongo drums tap the membranes of the drums, reacting to the musical impulses of the computer.

Drumming 0.3 combines the age-old rhythmic complexity of South Indian music with a contemporary procedure of creating music material using generative musical techniques, thus engendering an inexhaustible closed system of rhythmic diversity.

Simultaneously, the music notation is produced by transcribing the newly-created compositions in real time.

Mechanical design support: Dean Deković
Co-production: KONTEJNER

Alex Brajković (HR)

Alex Brajković is a musician and multimedia artist from Poreč, Croatia, who graduated in jazz drumming from the Conservatorio Arrigo Pedrollo in Vicenza. He earned his Master’s with honours in Live Electronics from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with a specialization in Carnatic music. Currently working in the field of electronic production, sound design, multi-instrumental electro-acoustic solo performances and multimedia installations in public spaces, in which he combines his knowledge of live electronic music, Carnatic rhythms, drums and percussion, composition and improvisation, as well as programming and interactive visuals.Some of his more recent site-specific works in the area of artistic installation and multimedia include Dispersions 0.1, 35th Youth Salon, HDLU; Stillness, the Museum of Fine Arts in Split; Generative Contemplation, Karas Gallery and Cincta, Motions, ZPC; as well as performances at renowned festivals and concert halls such as the BBC Jools Holland Show, Nice Jazz Festival, London Jazz festival and Blue Note Milano.