Patients, individuals with special needs – ranging from the mentally ill to the desabled – are groups enclosed in a hermetic circle of medical practices that take place within the walls of instrumentalised institutions – hospitals, mental hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Since these institutions are regarded as humane, they are rarely subjected to critical analysis, a fact which also has to do with the powerfull stronghold of taboos still surrounding illness. Ailing bodies, the social and psychological implications of the way a society relates to illness and carriers of disease are the topics of the Hospital Project, adresses from an artistic perspective through a series of international performances and lectures.

Mat Fraser (UK)

Physical, Behavioural and Cultural Apartheid in a Body Fascist World

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Giovanna Maria Casetta (UK)

Looking good

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Oreet Ashery (UK), Cherry Smyth (UK)

Occupation I, II, the Case of the Rabbit

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Zoran Todorović (RS)

Art and its Machines of Pain/Laughter of Horror/Enjoyment

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Zoran Todorović (RS)


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Håvve Fjell (NO)


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Oron Catts (FI), Ionat Zurr (UK)

Who/What are the Semi-Livings Created by the Tissue Culture & Art Project?

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Kira O’Reilly (UK)

Wet Cup

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