DB Indoš (HR), Tanja Vrvilo (HR), Helge Hinteregger (AT), Adriana Josipović (HR), Nikolina Majdak (HR), Kate Marušić (HR), Miro Manojlović (HR) Spring Schachtophonie workshop ''VAR 19'' performed by Schacht Arkestra


Spring schachtophonie workshop "VAR19" performed by Schacht Arkestra, a collaboration project based on the concept of performing schachtophonic musical scores by DB Indoš. The project culminates with the first performance of the Schacht Arkestra – a group of performers playing schachtophones. Schacht Arkestra is made from the point of view of the machine, not the listener; in theory and concept, it expresses the idea that by playing music one has to start to think like a machine. Schachtophones – used to perform schachtophonies – are a new form of musical instruments formed from a specific need that is conditioned by the feeling of historical uselessness of the old concepts and instruments. Schacht Arkestra also represents the idea that our entire body is a brain, with arms and legs having their own local intelligence, and all these local intelligences contributing to the central one. The rhythm that comes from this body configuration loses its stabilising function and time-space dimension, just as the futurists desired. By performing silent and loud schacht-cuts and vocal and spring vibrations, an existence of order is being rehearsed through noise, and the gesture of listening is being established – demonstrating that the noise as well can become a recognizable message. For its first performance, Schacht Arkestra will play the schachtophonie "VAR19" structured with consciousness of a damaged brain – an experience of the perceptive mechanism coded by memories, emotions and behaviour, and brought to consciousness through a network of conditions in which something such as brain damage is possible.

Damir Bartol, Tanja Vrvilo – schachtophones, voice
Helge Hinteregger – throat music
Adriana Josipović, Nikolina Majdak, Kate Marušić – schachtophones, voice
Miro Manojlović – vibraphone, schachtophones

DB Indoš (HR)

Damir Bartol Indoš (Zagreb, 1957), performer and theatre artist, he creates experimental music instruments, sound sculptures called Schachtophones and graphic partitures. He took a degree in comparative literature and philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. During his university days he took part in the work of the neo-avant-garde student theatre group Kugla Glumište and as initiator of the Kugla Group during the 1980s did a number of performances (Gigan Affair, Unmuffled Vibrations, Sixth Allelomorph and so on). As DB Indoš House of Extreme Music Theater, from the 1990s, he created a series of projects and world tours with a variety of foreign and domestic artists and musicians. Since 2005, in coproduction with the SC Culture of Change, the &TD Theatre and in creative collaboration with Tanja Vrvilo he has produced performances with actors, performance artists, musicians and dancers (Chinese Roulette, The Enchantment, Green Green, Book of the Dead (joint direction with Zlatko Burić), Anti-Oedipus and others. He has taken part in various international festivals at home and abroad such as Fringe Festival (Edinburgh), Klangarten Festival (Linz), Franklin Furnace (New York), Roskilde festival, Translacije (Piotrkow), Eurokaz (Zagreb), Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Minds festival (Zagreb), CAMP – International Festival of Visual Music (Zagreb), etc. He is a permanent collaborator of the &TD Theatre, a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists' Association and the Association of Fine Art Artists ULUPUH. He won the City of Zagreb Medal for promotion of alternative culture in 2009, and was winner of the first prize in the T-HT@MSU competition in 2012 for the sound sculpture Schachtophone. Together with Tanja Vrvilo he won the group award of the Croatian selection at the Prague Quadrennial in 2015.


Tanja Vrvilo (HR)

Tanja Vrvilo, a filmologist, film curator, performer and co-author of experimental theatre productions. She is the author of numerous essays and publications and works regularly as lecturer in the fields of cinema, visual and performing arts. As a performer she participated in many theatre productions and has been co-authoring and performing with alternative performance groups and authors, and continuously with a neo-avant-garde performer Damir Bartol Indoš.

Helge Hinteregger (AT)

Helge Hinteregger, Austrian artist concentrated on electronic, sampling, improvisation, making music for theater, video, sound installations. In 2009 he started the project Throatmusic where he uses his larynx to create different sounds. A microphone made by himself is fixed outside of his larynx and amplifies the sounds. The created signal is transformed afterwards through digital effect toys. The throat is used as additional resonance body.

contact: www.throatmusic.at | www.musicaustria.at

Adriana Josipović (HR)

Adriana Josipović, an author, performer, mentor and assistant in numerous performances and theatre shows in Croatia and abroad. She is a member of International Theater Observatory collective (Sergei Kovalevich, RU/FR) and laboratory DREAMLAB (Mala Kline, SLO/BEL), performs in theatre productions by DB Indoš and T. Vrvilo – House of Extreme Music Theatre (HR), Irena Tomažin – Emanat (SLO), Jorge Parentom – La Guillotine (FR) and is a participant in performances by Triko Cirkus Theatre (HR). She is one of the founders of an art organization called Tvorba Otvorenih Konstrukata - TOK and an associate of the Belgian dance company Cie Felicette Chazerand.

Nikolina Majdak (HR)

Nikolina Majdak, a performer in numerous theatre productions and street shows. She works independently and in collaboration with artistic organisations in the field of independent culture, mostly in the circus-theatre scene. She moderated movement workshops and workshops of circus skills for children and adults. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Drama Artists and the Croatian Freelance Artists' Association.

Kate Marušić (HR)

Kate Marušić, a dancer who after 13 years of ballet turned to contemporary dance and physical theatre. She performed in numerous shows and plays. When she is not working in theatre, she sails and navigates the seas. And vice versa.

Miro Manojlović (HR)

Miro Manojlović, graduated filmmaking at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, under the mentorship of professor Hrvoje Turković. He is active in the field of music, film and theatre. As a performer and musician, he collaborated on theatre projects by DB Indoš, tanja Vrvilo, Zlatko Burić, Senka Bulić, Dario harjaček, Rona Žulj, Ivica Buljan, Aruša Theatre, Villa trans Theatre. As a musician he collaborates with numerous musicians active on local and international impro-musical scene.


20—23 h

Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)