Surveillance, consumerism and separation in multimedia installations

Made in China (Berlin – Ljubljana, 2011), multimedia installation, consisting of three video projections and a sound intervention. As part of the “Living on a Border” project, it is aimed at exploring the physical and virtual walls of modern times – from the digital and tangible to the socially conditioned symbols of separations. It positions Facebook, visas, border and safety controls, GPS and credit cards as profit making systems which create artificial differences between individuals under the guise of virtually unlimited freedom and security. It gives answers and reactions from numerous inhabitants and visitors in Berlin to the question “Have you heard that the wall will be built again?”, revealing the omnipresent phenomena of segregation and the role of sound in the processes of separation and control.

You are the Third in the Queue, a transfer of the site-specific art intervention previously set in a public space in the center of Ljubljana in 2010 in a pedestrian arcade near one of the town libraries. It’s goal was to critically reexamine the contemporary consumerist society and, with a combination of video and sound in an urban landscape, it allowed for a shift from the real to the surreal through the usage of minimalized imagery of hypermarkets in dialogue with non-personal sound-scapes of consumerism and elements of CCTV. By intervening in public space the question of privatization is raised as well as the accentuation of communal space, provoking the communication in that very space, speech, where the sound is audible.

The Number is not Available at the Moment, a multimedia installation intertwined with subjects of surveillance and consumerism. Surveillance cameras in supermarkets, institutions, in the streets and public transport allow the neoliberal consumerist system to gather information on individuals and their purchase habits, movement, communication and social network posts. The installation is focused on violence of control and reflected through recordings and absurd kitsch sounds of neoliberalism - like cash registers or ATMs; it represents the violence in its apparently soft form which provides people with virtual safety but in many ways limits their freedom.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with KITCH - institute for art production and research

organizers: Culture Development Association “URK” + Mochvara Club & KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis
concept: KONTEJNER
curators of Mochvara Gallery: KONTEJNER | Ena Hodžić, Ivana Jelača & Tereza Teklić technical director: Matija Jelić
media partners: H-alter, Kulturpunkt, Radio Student
supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia


KITCH (Ljubljana, 1999.,, osnovan je kao (ne)umjetnički tandem, posvećen kontinuiranoj produkciji projekata, ali ne i kategorizacijama istih; video i site specific instalacijama, performansima i live nastupima te istraživačkim, aktivističkim i teorijskim radom fokusira se na konceptualizaciju kritičkog umjetničkog djela. Eksperimentiranjem na sjecištu umjetnosti i filozofije, akcijama i intervencijama, propituju i demistificiraju ulogu umjetnosti i na provokativan način osvješćuju negativne posljedice suvremenog društva i kulture – konzumerizam, nasilje, nadzor, granice, privatizacija. Dok je pitanje granica i migracije istaknuto u velikom međunarodnom projektu „Living on a Border“ (Bologna, Beč, London, Ljubljana), etiketiranje vode, krvi i benzina, vlastitog vjenčanja pa i Filozofskog fakulteta u Ljubljani zaštitnim znakom KITCH na eksplicitan način konceptualizira fenomen konzumerizma kao temeljnog mehanizma neoliberalnog kapitalizma, stavljajući umjetničko djelo u novu poziciju – onu potrošačke robe.

KITCH duo čine: Lana Zdravković, umjetnica, politička aktivistica, publicistica i kulturna producentica, u svom istraživačkom radu usmjerena na emancipatorne politike, radikalnu jednakost, identitet, nasilje, i Nenad Jelesijević, kritičar na području suvremene umjetnosti, doktorirao iz filozofije i teorije vizualne umjetnosti, fokusiran na kritičko umjetničko djelo i veze između umjetnosti i aktivizma.


Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)

Opening and artist talk - 17.04.2013. at 20:00 h. Exhibition is opened from 18.4. to 19.4., 17:00 to 21:00 h.
Free entrance.