Laetitia Sonami (FR/US) Lady's Glove

Lady’s Glove, is an electronic instrument by Laetitia Sonami in the form of a glove consisting of 20 sensors which allow for the control of audio devices, light sources and similar devices. Sensor control is simultaneous, and the sound composition is based on gestures, on intuitive usages of the instrument – i.e. by the subtle joining of the fingers or fluid change of distance between the hand and the body or the floor. Compositions like the most recent - „A historical moment on a line between A and B“, are performed by Sonami in effortless, enigmatic dance moves, because of which the performer’s body resembles a magical cyborg virtuoso. Lady's Glove has been developing since 1991, resulting in five different variants of the instrument, the last of which was constructed by Bert Bongers from Hague, the Netherlands.

organizers: Culture Development Association "URK" + Mochvara Club & KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis
concept: KONTEJNER
curators of Mochvara Gallery: KONTEJNER | Ena Hodžić, Ivana Jelača & Tereza Teklić
technical director: Matija Jelić
supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sport
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Laetitia Sonami (FR/US)

Sonami, Laetitia (FR/US), a French born artist residing in California and working with electronics and sound through various mediums – performance, installation, and development of sophisticated instruments, but most commonly exploring the ideas of presence and participation through the phenomena of sound. Along with her most famous instrument, Lady's Glove, Sonami is currently developing new instruments, performing her own compositions and presenting installations, holding numerous workshops and lectures (at the San Francisco Art Institute and as part of the Milton Avery Master of Fine Arts programme at Bard University). Her more recent performances were at the Shanghai Art Festival, the reiheM in Cologne and at the SFMOMA in San Francisco.


21—23 h

Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)