Bogdan Stefanović (RS) Frequency Chamber


Frequency Chamber, an installation based on audio representations of frequencies as a phenomenon that is present in almost everything around us. Sound frequencies vary in relation to the movement of people in a room. This interaction creates an intimate relationship between people and sound waves, which extends our insight into, and understanding of, the way in which things around us function, showing that what we can see and hear is only a segment of these phenomena.

Bogdan Stefanović (RS)

Bogdan Stefanović (b. 1993 in Jagodina, RS), began his studies at the Art Academy Niš, in the class of Katarina Đorđević, after his third year of secondary education, and completed the first year of studies and the fourth year of secondary school at the same time. In his first and fourth years of study, he won an award for the best drawing at the academy. In the course of his artistic development, he moved from classical drawing to video. In the end of his fourth year, he began exploring quantum physics and this led him to a deeper reflection on the basic phenomena that surround us.