An interactive robotic installation "Hysterical Machines" by Bill Vorn (CA) is a part of the Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture programme and its flagship Dopolavoro. It will be open for visitors from 13th August to 19th September at the ground floor of the Exportdrvo building in Rijeka.

The interactive installation “Hysterical Machines” by Canadian artist Bill Vorn consists of six robotic structures. Each of them react to the presence of visitors in their nearby environment. Although they are metal objects that are moved by a hydraulic system, they behave a lot like living beings and provoke powerful sensations.

How is it possible to develop feelings of empathy so quickly towards “beings” whose behavior is apparently dysfunctional, absurd and deviant? The installation attempts to incite the viewer to question the nature of artificial life and the fundamental philosophical and sociological questions about the relationship of people and machines, the natural and artificial.

Opening: Thursday, August 13th at 7 p.m.
Admission fee: 10 HRK

Curators of this programme realized in collaboration with NGO Drugo more (Rijeka) are Tereza Teklić, Davorka Begović and Ena Hodžić (KONTEJNER).

Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Media, City of Rijeka, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
The programme is part of Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture project
Rijeka - Port of Diversity

Bill Vorn (CA)

Bill Vorn, based in Montreal, creates installation and performance projects involving robotics and motion control, sound, lighting, video and cybernetic processes. He builds large-scale environments staging robots and machines as sole actors. He teaches Electronic Arts in the Department of Studio Arts at Concordia University (Intermedia program). He makes Electronic Music whenever he has a chance.

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Exportdrvo, ground floor (Rijeka)