Ivana Smiljanić (RS) Big Bang

video, 9'07'', 2003

What do you want? Look how disgusting you are, the PsychoDuck. Ugly as a thief, ugly as a darkness. One wouldn't take even a nut from your hands you short-sighted true myopic intelectual your nose is fat and red as it form some institute's jar you drink a lot and some and you're stuffed with fixed ideas low and bent with fat and short legs unemployed so I have to suppport you and it costs a lot these days you're not well known writer at all because you never wrote a thing you're aggressive and in love with a black collarless shirts you've been sticking your nose into communes strikes and said all kinds of things against the regime you haven't visited your parents for six years and you've put their postcard from the Bath behind a closet because it is a kitsch allegedly it dispels the spiders and cockroaches you are sick and also barren.
- Neither you are some maiden in her prime - I said. You're already old and you'll soon have to pull your skin tight like some tent you always act out an orgasm you're a good actor Hollywood cries for you your complexion is blue as if you were born by TV you love to act like an ordinary clerk and have twenty years to the poetry you love international suffragettes and moan for washing machine because you want to push me inside it you are mean as some Cleopatra your ovaries are inflamed won't come.
- OK. Now let me be.
- What do you thing, Evena, are we still human?
- We are.
- We're not.
- We are.
- We're not. I know we're not.
- All the higher knowledge seduces emotions.

Vojislav Despotov PsihoDuck (LOM, Belgrade, 2001)

Ivana Smiljanić (RS)

Ivana Smiljanić is a visual artist from Belgrade, born in 1980. She graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Belgrade in 2005, and received her masters degree from the same school in 2009. She was awarded with the “Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos” award in 2009 and the Henkel Art Award for Serbia in 2011. Her works are part of the Telenor Collection. So far she exhibited on 12 solo shows and performances and taken part in over fifty group exhibitions. She lives in Belgrade.