Antonio Caramelo (PT) Blue in heaven

Video installation, 2014

Blue in heaven is an interactive video installation that tries to unriddle, by way of metaphor, the natural time-in-space cycle of the feeling of the different natures of time, of aging and (im)mortality, combined with the search for the deepest and most basic questions about the world around us and ourselves. Blue in heaven questions the concept or the possibility of how it is possible (or not) to frame the passing of time, in a sense of doing nothing. It uses a water drop system to create a non-unidirectional computer-generated flow of clouds in a blue sky. In this hydraulic cycle, nothing happens besides this “natural” movement, there is no story to tell, no history to see and organize, no past, present or a different future and no cartography is possible. It lives as it is.

Antonio Caramelo (PT)

Antonio Caramelo was born in 1969. He was awarded a master's degree in digital arts at Media Centre of Art and design, Barcelona. Since 2001, he has been teaching media arts in the department of visual arts at the University of Evora, Portugal. As a practicing artist he has collaborated on several projects in different areas such as sound, dance and theatre, working with real-time audiovisual systems, and since 1997 he has been an active participant in exhibitions, mostly in Portugal, but also in Spain, Scotland, USA, Germany, UK, Norway and Belgium.