Touch Me Festival: Intelligence Ab/Use & OutInOpen Project

catalogue and reader

editors: Olga Majcen, Tomislav Medak, Sunčica Ostoić

The accompanying publication of the first international Touch Me Festival from 2005, presenting contemporary art production at the intersection of science and technology and on the topic of abuse of information and intelligence, includes introductions, artworks and theoretical essays. Essays are dealing with social desires, fears and risks of the interrelated worlds of info- and biosphere: procesess of power of the informational organisation of contemporary society that transform individual behaviors into data, as well as procesess caused by bio-scientific and biotechnological discoveries.


1. Intro
Tomislav Medak & Petar Milat (Multimedia institute): On the Use and Abuse of
Intelligence for Life – 6
Kontejner: Vampires, butterflies, sheep, golden girls, semi-living entities and other miracolous encounters – 16
Michael Moynihan: Pentti Linkola – 26
Donna Kossy: Voluntary Human Extinction – 34
Nicolas Claux: The Vampire Manifesto – 42

2. Exhibition
Joe Davis & Molly Ferguson & Filip Heimann & Thomas Kaiser: Multi-Channel Audiomichroscope, Microorganism Farm, Listening Libraries, Golden Girl, Car Guitar – 50
Oliver Kunkel: Mosquitobox – 56
Siniša Labrović: – 60
William Linn: Wargames – 64
Ivan Marušić Klif: Allo, allo – 68
Melville, St. Jacque-,Yona: LifeBoat – 70
Marta de Menezes: Nature? – 74
Marnix de Nijs: Vibrating Zagreb - Thrillmachine – 78
NRD Van: NRD Kit – 82
Radical Software Group: Black Hawk Down (RSG-BLACK-1) – 86
Stahl Stenslie: S.U.F.I. - Suicide Fashion International presents The Ka-Boom edition – 90
Zoran Todorović: No Title or Absent – 94
Polona Tratnik: In(threat)timity – 98

3. Symposium
Tomislav Medak & Petar Milat: Intro – 104
Marie-Luise Angerer: Art and media in motion – 108
Oliver Razac: Rality TV and Biopolitics – 130
Bojana Kunst: Wirelles connections: attraction, emotion, politics – 140
Matthew Fuller: Compiling Citizens, media ecologies of surveillance – 158
Eugene Thacker: Biomaterial and 'Life Itself' – 178
Critical Art Ensamble: Fuzzy Biological Sabotage – 198
Jens Hauser: Bios, Techne, Logos: A Timely Art Career – 216
Marta de Menezes: On pipettes and art studios: intersections of art and biology – 234
Ionat Zurr & Oron Catts: Vicitmless Utopia or Victiomless Hypocrisy – 242

4. OutInOpen
Multimedia Institure: Intro – 254
Candida TV / Isnu TV / Kein TV: Telestreet ZG - D.I.Y. – 256
Time's Up: Sensory Circus – 258

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