This summer Zagreb is swarming with emotional robots!

During July and August, Adam Donovan and Katrin Hochschuh are continuing their EMAP residency in Zagreb. The artists are producing their artwork Empathy Swarm and researching tools for human emotion recognition and interaction between the man and the machine, working along the road with many different collaborators.

After the EMAP kick-off residency in May, where we worked with our partners Showroom of Contemporary Sound, Adam Donovan and Katrin Hochschuh have returned to Zagreb for a two month residency focused on developing the first phase of their project Empathy Swarm. From 20th June to 20th August, and in collaboration with Zagreb's Academy for Applied Arts, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Radiona.org, Donovan and Hochschuh will start their work on this complex project, with the final aim of making 100 non-antropomorphic robots which recognize emotions of people in their environment and establish interaction by adjusting their behaviour to these emotions.

During their stay in Zagreb, the artists will develop prototypes of robots, collaborate with engineers, coders, designers, marketing experts and other professionals, and participate once again in an array of activities of the local creative community - from workshops and presentations, to artist meetings and diverse cultural events.

You can follow the key moments of their residency stay on Adam Donovan i Katrin Hochschuh's official blog.

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