Joint Ljubljana - Zagreb adventure brings a selected musical delegation of Slovenian SONICA Festival to KSET, Zagreb, on Friday, December 20th 2019 from 9 p.m., where they will be hosted by KONTEJNER and ZEZ - Zavod za eksperimentalni zvuk.

SONICA Festival from Ljubljana together with KONTEJNER and ZEZ curates a special evening at Zagreb's KSET as a part of SONICA X series of events held all across Europe. SONICA is an electronic music and sound art festival conceptualized as a showcase of annual programme of the MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art platform.

This evening will also be an opportunity to reveal the dates of the ZEZ Festival 2020 and lanuch first limited earlybird festival tickets.

Lineup (from 9.p.m.)
Irena Tomažin & Nenad Kovačić
Ana Kravanja & Samo Kutin
Nenad Sinkauz
Shekuza (live) & Marko Jugović & Lina Rica
+ DJ set: Barbarella (Kikimore) B2B Gašper Torkar

Ticket price: 40 kn (at the entrance)

  • Irena Tomažin & Nenad Kovačić

Irena Tomažin completed her BA in philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She is active as a maker and performer in the fields of experimental improvised music and movement theatre. She also teaches voice and movement workshops called "moved by voice" nationally and abroad. She has released three albums: Crying Game, Taste of Silence, and Lump in the Throat. Her music, more specifically her sound experimentation is an exploration of the landscapes of voice that include words, fragments of texts, (traditional) melodic singing, and other vocal techniques, including humming, clicking, and other sounds made with the mouth that pertain not (only) to the voice but also to the body.

For this event she will perform with Croatian percussionist Nenad Kovačić, a musician and composer who engaged in music since 1997, when he started to explore rhythm and drums of West Africa. He is a member of numerous bands and ensembles such as Antenat, Sevdah Takht Damira Imamovića (Glitterbeat Revords), Afion, Mimika, Truth≠Tribe, and often on tour all over the world. He is very active on Croatian contemporary musical scene and interested primarily in improvised music and sound experimentation.

Samo Kutin is well known for playing unconventional instruments from everyday life or those that he assembled from wires, wood, pumpkins, stone, glass and waste. He works also with a Hungarian instrument hurdy gurdy from the middle ages, and uses its improvisation and noise potential by innovative playing techniques and different devices such as contact microphones. He is a part of numerous bands - Širom, Najoua, SamoGromofon and Salamandra salamandra.

In his first two bands he plays with Ana Kravanja, his partner for the KSET evening. As a part of Širom band they have already participated in the ZEZ festival programme. Ana plays an array of traditional and classical instruments, along with homemade instruments. She often participates as a violinist in improvised sessions with slovenian and international musicians and dancers - Samo Kutin, Tomaž Grom, Irena Tomažin, Vid Drašler, Jošt Drašler, Andrej Fon, Seijiro Murayama, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Lotus Edde Khouri, Matija Schellander... She composes for theatre and documentary films and plays in Olfamoštvo ensemble dedicated to sharp, critical, free jazz, afro-beat, noise compositions of slovenian composer Oflamož.

  • Nenad Sinkauz

Nenad Sinkauz works as a composer and performer in musical, theatre, contemporary dance, film and multimedia projects. He holds an MA in ethnomusicology fro University of Padova, and in his artistic work he often explores unconventional musical forms and expressions, very often together with his brother Alen Sinkauz who is a musician and composer. He is actively performing in Croatia and abroad as well as making music for films and theatre for 20 years. In 2020 he founded East Rodeo, a band that collaborates with numerous international jazz and rock musicians, and fuses avant-rock with live electronic music, noise, experimental and impro music. Sinkauz is also a performer and author in a well known audio-visual project …day of the year, and is the co-founder of the international festival of experimental and improvised music Audioart in Pula. For this event, Nenad will have a premiere performance as a solo artist.

  • Shekuza (live) & Marko Jugović & Lina Rica

Slovenian sonic explorer, DJ, composer and keyboardist Miha Šajina aka Shekuza has been
creating music for ages. For this occasion he will present a special modular live set,
accompanied by classical percussionist Marko Jugovic and VJ Lina Rica

Barbarella is 1/6 of all female experimental collective Kikimore walking the line between noise and ambient electronic improvisation, but also and a long time friend of Sonica festival, and a part time DJ enthusiast. Her DJ sets are her playground for exploring the bangers from the outer edges of underground club music. On this occasion she will share the stage with Gašper Torkar, a multifaceted artist working primarily with language and sound within different contexts. Besides exploring electronic and club music, he has written music for several theatre productions, installations, and performances. His debut EP Dreams of Others, released at the Ljubljana’s Kamizdat label in 2017, was on one side a technical exercise of musical noise, sound pressure and iteration, and on the other the continuation of his artistic process of skin shedding, a common theme and method in his work.

MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art
MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the research, production and
presentation of transitory, experimental, and live art forms. MoTA is a museum without a
permanent collection or a fixed space. Instead, its programs are realised in different locations and contexts in temporary physical and virtual spaces. MoTA organizes and supports transitory art in the form of continuous events, exhibitions and educational programs both locally and internationally. As its name indicates, MoTA examines what a museum can be today and in the future. MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain, and the undefined.

MoTA works on several continuous programmes & projects: MoTA LAB – a Space for Art &
Ideas, the annual SONICA Festival, in addition to regular music programmes such as SONICA Series and SONICA Classics. Within the years of running a residency programme MoTA has established T.R.I.B.E. – a network of residency spaces in the Balkans & Eastern Europe. MoTA has also initiated the research and archive platforms ArtistTalk.eu, Mediateque MoTA & Tomaž Brate, the interdisciplinary research project Nonument, and TESLA Award.