Contact: Savska cesta 42, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia / kontejner@kontejner.org / +385(0)15806255

We are a non-profit NGO from Zagreb founded in 2002 under the name KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis. We are engaged in curatorial work, organization of art festivals and other public events, and in education and social theory. Our main field of interest is progressive contemporary art which investigates the role and meaning of science, technology and the body in our society, focusing on the relevant and current phenomena, especially within provocative, fascinating and intriguing subjects and topics, as well as those perceived by the society as taboos. These include pleasure, time and energy, mental health, human and artificial intelligence manipulation and dark matter.

We have curated and organized over 120 group and solo exhibitions, performances, lectures, workshops and presentations of international and Croatian artists, theoreticians, philosophers, scientists, hackers and innovators. Working specifically in the framework of cross-sectoral collaborations, we are connected with numerous institutions, organizations and individuals - from local hospitals and medical institutions, to the world's largest scientific laboratories. We have presented our projects in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and China (Zagreb, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Montreal, Skopje, Prague, Belgrade, Linz, Beijing, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana and many other cities).

Some of our programmes include the thematic Touch Me festival (since 2005) dedicated to relations between technology, science and art, Device_art (since 2004) dealing with machines and devices as artistic media, and Extravagant bodies (since 2007) questioning the politics of normality in relation to the human body and mind. We are a part of several large EU projects: Arc-hive (2021 – 2022), Erasmus+ project Sound experiments – new approaches to non-formal learning in music (2021 – 2023), Future DiverCities (2016 - 2020), EMAP – European Media Art Platform (2017 – 2021). Besides festivals and exhibition programmes, many of our activities focus on education of artists, cultural workers, citizens, children and youth. We also publish on average one book per year and support continuously the work of Croatian contemporary artists through our production platform DIY_ArtLab (2006 - ).