Michal Kindernay (CZ) Camera Altera

Installation, 2011 - 2012

The Camera Altera project is about the development of a sensory audiovisual tool. It is a compact apparatus equipped with a camera, microphone, sensors and additional components. It is a comprehensive tool that analyzes its environment and captures video and audio material in an autonomous way. It is very sensitive to light, temperature, humidity, sound, wind and relative air quality. It is able to perceive the sensory atmosphere of the place at which it is located. A number of processes and settings determine at what point and how the Camera Altera takes audiovisual diary entries. All the data are also evaluated and the recording system includes feedback. The device studies the "quality" of its user´s environment, watching extreme, static and signi∫cant changes as well as stagnation in the measured values. An analysis of them subsequently decides at what intervals the camera will start again.

The project has both ecological and social aspects. It suggests alternative ways of measuring the quality of the environment and encourages artists to comment on this issue. It also demonstrates against consumerism of technical apparatus dictating normalized function and aesthetics. It also protests against the consumerism inherent in allowing a technical device to dictate normalized functions and aesthetics. Creating a special relationship with the device, users allow it to become a part of their environment. The consequences are modified, and sketchy recordings of the day stored in the magical box take on another dimension.

Ideally,Camera Altera makes evening screenings through a small hole or whispers an ambient transmission. The profile of the machine, its creative potential and acquired importance, depends on the wayCamera Altera is used.

The project was realised within the frame of SGS grant in CAS FAMU.

Michal Kindernay (CZ)

Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist working with the interactive connections of sound, image, and other inputs, in the environment of (not only) computer applications designed for work with sound and image. His works include video performances, installations and interactive projects with ecological aspects. His latest works deal with the use environmental sensors, with audio and visual recordings including social aspects. He studied multimedia at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno and at the Centre of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU in Prague. His cultural activities are connected with organizing and curating events and workshops along with the activities of Yo-yo o.s and Školská 28 Gallery.