Darija Medić (RS) Into the Blind: model 300

Documentation, 2011

Model 300 is a techno-psychological navigation experiment − a navigation device reflecting on the paranoid interpretations of technology, looking for routes of less electromagnetic frequency in urban spaces. The aesthetics of Model 300 is inspired by the presentation style of companies specialized in shielding devices, most notably LessEMF. The material basis of the suggestiveness of today’s software is the vast communicative gap between human perception and the code that resides in a specific complex technology, as well as the increasing speed of software and device development in the direction of intuitiveness. The greater gap between code and human logical understanding, the greater the possibilities of interpretation. Stemming from an urge for a physical and figurative opening of the black box of closed systems, this technological intervention investigates the space between human perception and technological structures, in order to render visible the decisions existing behind every „neutral“ technology through exploring the fruitful field of interface rhetoric.

Darija Medić (RS)

Darija Medić is a digital artist who, through the use of language, technology and design, investigates the realm of identity correction/theft/creation and the labyrinths of contemporary technological practices. Her many works are speculative interventions into the imperfections of systems that penetrate the principles of building social meaning and the dynamics of power distribution. She graduated from the networked media department at the Piet Zwart Institute, in Rotterdam, Netherlands and the new media department of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Darija has exhibited in Serbia and internationally and has shown her work at projects such as Mindware: Technologies of dialogue (Poland), Karasssuite (Slovakia, Belgium), Make me festival (Serbia, Austria), Hacker Space festival (France), Unlimited liability (Germany), MEMEFEST/festival of radical communication (international), Viral Communications conference (Netherlands). In her activities she strives for autonomous forms of education and artistic practice as potentials for individual and social emancipation.