Hrvoje Hiršl (HR) Spheres (Euklidian Space)

Installation, 2012

In Euclidean space, objects are determined by three dimensions, the x-y-z coordinates. Spheres introduce discomfort into space and seemingly distort it by changing their volume, positions and spatial relationships. Positioned somewhere between the multi-universe, spatial distortion and cybernetic bodies, they are unspecified bodies whose function is unknown but their presence leaves a mark in the space, bringing unrest, chaos, and playfulness.

The number of the spheres is variable, depending on the size and position of the work in the space. The spheres are randomly placed in the space, unequally distant from each other, creating fields of blanks and clusters. They are pneumatic and they respond to visitors, like some excited organic creatures, leaping in the air with an accompanying whistle when someone approaches them and tries to pass by them. They are connected by a system of rubber tubes to an air supply, that is, a compressor. A system of valves and sensors determines the order of their ignition and extinction, depending upon the presence of the visitors.


Hrvoje Hiršl (HR)

Hrvoje Hiršl is an artist, researcher and designer. His art projects exist at the crossing of contemporary art and media art discourse. His main themes range from the materiality of the art object, deconstruction of its aura and the limitations of the medium to complex systems and cybernetics and their influence on the art movements emerging from the period of the 50/60s - minimalist/conceptual art. In the last two years his interests gradually shifted from the medium, materiality and the “aura” of the art object to structures, automation and cybernetics, which in a sense is again a search for the supporting structure (medium).

In 2012 he was nominated for the Radoslav Putar Award for the best Croatian artist under 35. He is the recipient of the DordtYart Artists-in-Residence 2015 (Dordrecht); TRIBE Residency 2013 (Istanbul, Prague and Ljubljana) and Kulturkontakt Artists in Residence 2012 (Vienna). In 2012 he participated in Documenta (13), Kassel as part of the AND AND AND program. He was nominated for the T-HT award 2012 and the T-HT award 2013 as one of five artists personally invited by the jury.