Borut Savski (SI) Round Table

sound installation; responsive structure; 2003; 2008

Round Table is a complex electro-acoustic system, made as a literarily comprehended radio genre – the round table – a collective and intuitive instrument that can also become a musical instrument. In an ideal case, playing/performing unfolds as a communication between three people, within a very abstract sound space formed by a round table - quite a “disobedient” instrument. Three records move left/right, alternately slowing down and speeding up, evading control. Three people approach a basic system by bringing their (six) hands close to the sensors – the antennas of twelve theremin instruments.

Co-produced by: ÖRF Kunstradio; Kapelica Gallery

Borut Savski (SI)

Borut Savski, born 1960 in Ljubljana/SLO, is an 'engineering soul straying away from any regulated use of technological, social, media and aesthetic principles'. His studies of electronics and radio production work (from 1983/84) allowed him to experiment with a sound and related media. In 1991 he began collaborating with artist Marko Koąnik on projects of the Egon March Institute. As a co-founder and collaborator of an informal group called Ministry of Experiment he participated at many multimedia projects between 1997 and 2000. As an organizer and executive he has taken part at radio workshops, concerts and new media communication and art projects. In collaboration with local (Marko Košnik, Mojca Marija Pungerčar, Luka Prinčič, Franci Cegnar) and international artists (John Grzinich, Ludwig Zeininger..) he made sound installations and performances (Biotope, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 1999, Sonic Point of View, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 2002, Aesthetic Machines, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 2003, Area Kolaborativa, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana/SLO, 2004), Electrical Jesus, Warsaw/PL, 2004).