Magdalena Pederin (HR) Super-tele

interactive installation, 2006 - 2010

Super-tele is an interactive piece consisting of dozen teddy bears scattered around the room as well as hardware. Each teddy bear has its own “character” and contains a module with a sound recording which consists of fragments of typical, everyday conversations, activated when the visitor approaches. The object that exists In the exhibition space is an instrument that acts as an intermediary in the process of perception and at the same time makes people aware of the movement of their own bodies. The viewer him/herself becomes an exhibit. The space and time of the exhibition accordingly become dimensions of notation.

collaboration: Dubravko Kuhta - Tesla, Ivan Marušić Klif

Magdalena Pederin (HR)

Magdalena Pederin was born in 1968 in Split. She graduated from the School of Applied Arts and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Magdalena Pederin is a multimedia artist whose new media and interactive projects are concerned with the issues of identity, our dependence on external factors, the question of what we achieve through everyday communication and how much are we willing to offer. She has had solo exhibitions in Slovenia, Holland and Croatia and group exhibitions in Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. She’s the author of the multimedia project the eye hears the ear sees, in collaboration with Lala Raščić, Ivan Marušić Klif and Dubravko Kuhta Tesla. She’s the author of a number of curatorial projects: Toy Factory (1998), Attack, Zagreb; Youth Center, Split; Otok Gallery, Dubrovnik, Tunnel (in the tunnel under Grič), Zagreb, 1995; Installations, Old printing house, Zagreb, 1994; In 1994. she was awarded the KunstRaumMitteleuropa Stipendium Bank Austria & Siemens award in Austria.