Martina Mezak (HR) Urania

interactive installation, 2006

The title Urania refers to the mythological deity Uranus, who was believed to be the ruler of the skies and all the changes up there. It is a device for effecting atmospheric changes. It allows participants to control the cloud density in the sky. When they blow into long pipes, clouds can either be created or dispersed from the sky. Due to the “immateriality” of matter (clouds-wind) in this interactive installation, the digital medium serves as an ideal surrogate for the gassy, airy state of clouds and breath.

collaborators: Davor Merkaš, Vedran Parać, Tomislav Pokrajčić, Krešimir Prcela (White Smoke Lt.d.)

Martina Mezak (HR)

Martina Mezak is a multimedia artist, born in Zagreb in 1973. She founds her work on multidisciplinary research work in the field of technology, science and art directed towards the transcendence of the conscious. She is most into interactive audio and visual installations and multimedia objects. She has exhibited at a number of individual and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (PM Gallery, HDLU, Zagreb; Device_art 3.009, Zagreb/Tokyo; Device_ art 2.006, Zagreb/Belgrade/San Francisco; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea).