Ryan Doyle (US) The Regurgitator

Interactive kinetic installation, 2006

By using any found, cheap, recycled, discarded, donated or obtained objects we can get our hungry hands on, we assemble interactive kinetic sculptures and ask viewers to participate rather than spectate. With our work we strive to provide a primary existence experience that, although temporary, sparks an interest in a new way and concretes the experience of art outside of aestheticism. In these times of attention deficit youth and media driven fear, we attempt to use our tools to create a spectacle that is only truly absorbed in person. The Regurgitator is an interactive kinetic sculpture that spins the participant at 40 mph backwards in a wheelchair, powered by a pulse jet screaming at 120 decibels.

assistants: Heather Henderson, Tim Anderson

Ryan Doyle (US)

Ryan Doyle, 6 foot 6 inches, 264 pounds, is doing art since age seven. He attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design 1997-1999. He is a member of Black Label Bike Club since 1998 and member of Madagascar Institute since 2002. Since 1998 he is involved in Burning Man Arts Festival. Member of the DPW since 1999; Metal shop manager since 2005; commissioned the designing, and building of 5 artcars and currently designing 6 more. He starred in the documentary film B.I.K.E., Fountainhead films/Voyvak films by Jacob Septimus, and Anthony Howard. Junk Yard Mega Wars season finalist 2003, three episodes on TLC; Monster Garage 2005 special Back Yard Monsters show casing Jet Bike. Doyle participated in many other events: Coachella music festival, Zombie Freak Out, Cyclecide bike rodeo tour, Robodock arts festival, World Tall-Bike Jousting Championships, Fuck Parade.