William Linn (US) Cinemascape

Installation with an alternative energy source, 2006

A site-specific response to the abandoned outdoor movie theatre in Zagreb, Ljetno kino Tuš kanac, this work probes the origins of the cinema and its adaptation as a new kind of territory or landscape. Cinemascape investigates the beginning of our relationship to the time image and the screen, as well as the experience of seeing and the magic of simulation.

At Tuskanac, amidst over 300 rusted seat brackets and a graffitied projection booth, a giant plaster movie screen still stands in beautiful decay – itself in the midst of being reclaimed by nature within this wooded patch. Here is a technostalgic landscape which reminds us of the golden age of cinema, that powerful moment when we adopted the screen into our horizon as a part of our reality. Cinemascape is about the new landscape, mediated experiences, its about cinema, and exists as a contemporary intervention into this land plot which appears as the ruins of some lost civilization or great empire that came crashing down. In like manner, it exists as a kind of evidence of the permanence and importance we placed on cinema, a reminder of the prophetic moment when we unknowingly marked the cinema as gatekeeper of the window into a world of simulation – the magic and optical illustion of reality at 24 frames per second.

Exhibited during Device_art exhibition, the work consists of a projector powered by solar panels installed atop the old projection booth. The short projected piece will screen each night and continues to loop for one hour.

William Linn (US)

William Linn is one of San Francisco’s central figures in the new media arts. His interactive installations incorporate video, sound, hand-made and “found” electronics. In 1997, he formed BOLT (Bu-reau of Low Technology), which investigates a sense of “techno-stalgia” using low-bit electronic gaming installations that celebrate technology in its most crude and obsolete state. His work has been exhibited at many international art festivals and featured in museums, galleries and theaters in North America and beyond. Linn is also well known as the founder and director of blasthaus, a multi-disciplinary arts organization that helped pioneer the exhibition and fostering of electronic and new media artists in America where it has organized exhibitions, performances and special events for a decade. Linn is currently working on a series of “loop performances” where physical actions are linked to measured time.