Ludic Society (AT/CH) Monowheel & GoApe Chindogui. New Bachelor Machines

Objects, 2006

As living machine, The Monowheel Reality Engine Device, built for the playing the game – and the reality engine either-way, the Ludic Society monowheel straps down a 3-axis micromachined accelerometer for keeping balance on the one hand; then again slipping in its spiral-curved printed circuit bord laout, it unhinges the player as well as the engine. Based on a self-constructed ball bearing and solid-state motion sensing gadgetry, the extended 'pataboard bike ride, undaunted of vertigo feelings, becomes even more pleasant and therefore addicts both the passionate cyclist and the hardcore gamer. Two photo-transistors sense the backward and forward motion by generating a pair of phase-shifted output streams, 90 degreees apart; The rotating part of the monowheel is marked with a binary luminating gray code, so there is never any ambiguity of position, even if the play becomes staccato. The XYZ capacitive accelerometer provides output voltage that is ratiometric and proportional to acceleration in all axis of space, assuring high shocks survivability.

Preserving the playful extravaganza of an absurd and useless interface, the sensor allows selection for among four different g (gravity) sensitivities (up to 6g), so even rough-speed tracks and races could be stepped up, unimpressed by brute, but tenderly sensing force douce. An ultra-high-frequency transmitter (434 MHz) and tunes reviever station allow the adequate freedom of movement by sending dana wireless to the host and guaranteeing distances up to 100 meters. Therefore the monowheel operator must not hesitate to adopt physically in its interface; gestures become as absurd as electric current rides on the wild side of copper slopes and paths through pataphysical circuitry.

The new bachelor machines, goApe chindogus are crafty self-etched circuit boards made of beutiful stylish black, specially etched circuit bord material and decorative, electricity- and signal- conducting copper. The 'patastyled circuit boards aesthetic contains elements of a detournement bohemian artisanship. As bojoux they are self-sufficient, yet they are also sound-playing performance hammers, in other words nouvelles machines celibataires, new bachelor machines. 'Pataphysical circuit bord designs are the basis for so called GoApe chindogus, for example also in the form of a aspiral, worn as game-fashion gadget by ludic societies at cub evenings, similiar to the way Raymond Queneau and other members of the College de 'Pataphysique in the 50ies wore spiral badges. The fashionable ludo club badge is at the same time functioning as a circuit-bord, but uselles. Just as well as the retorsion thinking of Gilles Deleuze, it expresses the rotations around ideas as method, it maps a playful game based research artefact. Experience PCB boards as „objet de jeu, de vie et d'art“ (=objects for play, live and art)!

Ludic Society (AT/CH)

The Ludic Society is an international association of artists, game practitioners and theorists who seek to provoke a new artistic re/search discipline, best addressed as 'ludics'. The ludic society enters 'pata science fiction for adults'. "Jeu" is the french term for play, jouissance, enjoyment, but the translation does not carry the sexual orgasmic connotations that the French holds, in addition to the idea of taking pleasure in something.

Game objects, standing as object for itself and no more as interface to something else, are the actual project by the formation. They are now appearing together with guest performers as band in clubs or exhibitions. The 'cabaret voltaire' styled game-instruments are playable objects, inbetween toys and new bachelor machines. The Ludic Soceity magazine is published as a periodical with international articles on tendencies related to jouissance = enjoyment and suspence (Slavoj Žižek, 2005.) and jeu = game.

From 2003 till 2005 the Ludic Society exhibited at Postmedial Condition. Arco Electronico, Centre Conde Duque, Madrid; Transmediale06, Berlin; 2Artgames, Ludwig Forum fur Internationale Kunst, Aachen; Postmedial Condition, Neue Galerie, Graz; Illudere ex illusion, Aegina Academy, Athens; anti-war shooter nybble-engine-toolZ, distinction Prix Ars Electronica; gameart, Weltkulturerbe Volklinger Hutte; Games. Computerspiele von Kunstlerinnen, Steelmill Phoenix West, Dortmund.