Ivan Marušić Klif (HR) Undimmed Quivering (via D.B. Indoš)

Performance, 2006.

The installation functions as a more or less closed circuit. I set a defined group of initial parameters and a set of rules. Once the installation is activated, it is impossible to know the exact outcome because the system is too chaotic to be predictable.

Four overhead projectors are placed inside the room. Each contains a pool of water which quivers when the system of electric motors and mechanisms is activated.

Two-way feed-back loop:
sound creates animation
light creates sound

The overhead projection image is created mechanically – electric motors and the quivering systems animate the liquid in the pools. The output image resolution is unlimited.

Photosensitive sensors react to the changes in light and shade and induce transformations of the synthesized sound. Microphones amplify the noise of the electric motors.

Ivan Marušić Klif (HR)

Ivan Marušić Klif was born in 1969 in Zagreb. He graduated from the School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam in 1994. His field of interest includes fine arts (light installations and kinetic objects), music and sound for the theatre, set design (theatre, film and television) and performance art. From 1996 he started working with computers – mostly in the field of multimedia programming, interactive video and problems of interfacing computers with the "real" world. Exhibited and performed in Holland, Germany, Japan, USA, Austria, France, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Macedonia and Croatia.