Veljko Zejak (SI) Sex Machine

Interactive, theatrical installation / video, 2006

Sex Machine consists of an interactive, theatrical installation and a video, which serves as a sort of promotional material for the device. The machine is run by an electric motor activated by pressing a button and thus provoking the audience for interaction and taking control of the machine. The installation consists of Barbie and Ken dolls which take different sexual poses in relation to the bed-machine, demonstrating its possibilities. I made a minimized simulacrum of a pornographic film in which main protagonists are dolls, while the machine is a dynamic element of the whole action. In this way I create a situation in which all that needs to be done is to place the dolls comfortably into the bed and turn the machine on, thus providing for the satisfaction of a basic human instinct. This is a depiction of contemporary man's tendency for comfort, as well as the decadency of a society saturated by pornography. The idea of a sex machine represents a reflection on the manipulated sexuality of the contemporary man, his fetishes and his idleness in comfort. The work raises the question of the body in technological society, showing a new situation of a mechanized sexuality, in which a human emerges as a passive object and a machine for constituting a relation between two indifferent bodies.

Veljko Zejak (SI)

Veljko Zejak was born November 25th, 1980 in Postojna, Slovenia. In 2005 he obtained a degree in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. In 2005 he received Vladeta Petrić award for sculptural achievements from the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2006 he became a member of Association of Fine Artist of Serbia. Since 2006 he creates light machines and nucleuses, using the techniques of forming glass and mechanical composition. In 2006 he created Sex Machine, including a multimedia project. Since 2001, he has been working on a new graphic technique - graphic in clay. He took part in the project Re_mapping platform 02, Belgrade 2006, in the video workshop Park 4D TV, Belgrade 2006, in the student project Belgrade - Basel 2004, in the international workshop of young artists Real presence Belgrade 2001 and 2003. He has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Serbia and Monte Negro and in group exhibitions in Serbia, Greece and Germany.