Products: trans silicone t-shirt, trans silicone sweatshirt, silicone fluo t-shirt, silicone fluo sweatshirt, t-shirt with erotic embroidery, sweatshirt with erotic embroidery, silicone baseball cap, cape hat, EX-love bag; 2019

Fashion brand E.A. 1/1 S.V. in collaboration with KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis presents a series of fashion items designed specifically for this exhibition. The technology of silicone secretion of transparent and fluorescent appearance, by which the brand is recognizable, is combined with a series of ten erotic drawings that have been mechanically embroidered to the garments.

The embroidered motifs are derived from erotic drawings, from Egyptian and Ancient Greek to those dating from the beginning of the 20th century.

The original concept of a drawing is altered by giving it a new title and transferring it into another medium. The drawings – hybrids of history, mythology and fiction, come to life in tiny embroidered designs that tickle the imagination.

The products are accompanied by a campaign that censors the speakers, that is, the potential actors of the drawings – long-dead or fictional art history figures who recount their erotic fantasies and experiences. Once socially acceptable, today erotic motifs are stored deep in museum archives, away from the human gaze which is becoming increasingly intolerant of the visual motifs of erotic pleasure in today's digital world.

POP-IN appears as a store, a space that is impossible to avoid in the exhibition. Archival passions are brought to life on dolls, tablets, products that are available for consumption – as goods between the fashion and the wet dream.

Original motifs:

Flyer, drawing based on a graphic by an unknown author from the series Allusion to the Collier de la Reine affair, France, 19th century
Conjoined Triplets, drawing created by deriving/merging two penises from a Greek vase with the motif Bearded men and hetairai, 430 BC
First Clones, drawing created by merging two male portraits from a Greek vase with the motif Bearded men and hetairai, 430 BC
Enamored Greek, detail from a Greek ceramic bowl with the motif Silenus and bestiality, 560 BC
Mummy Fellatrix, detail of a drawing from the 18th Egyptian dynasty Rite after the Ani Papyrus
Priest Detective and His Pig, drawing based on a graphic by an unknown author from the series Sequel to the obscene jokes about friars, France, 19th century
Life Balance, modified drawing borrowed from a psychter, ceramic wine cooler, Satyr's orgy with Balancing Act, Greece, 500–470 BC
Pulley, detail of a graphic from the Dutch edition of De Sade's The Story of Juliette, her sister or The Prosperity of Vice from 1789
Spring, detail of the drawing Oh what a charming little place from the series Amorous Drawings by Franz von Bayros from 1907
New Couple, drawing based on a graphic by Jacobus de Teramo from 1472

E.A 1/1 S.V. (HR)

E.A. 1/1 S.V. is a fashion brand founded in 2002. The Zagreb-based studio offers products, ideas and research in a field of textile and fashion. It consists of a few people who work with Silvio Vujičić on these experiments.

In English, "Artist's Proof”: an impression of a print taken in the printmaking process in order to see the state of a plate (or stone, or woodblock). A proof may show an incomplete image, a trial impression, that in modern practice describes an impression of the finished work identical to the numbered copies.

(1/1) Edition. A number of the piece.

(S.V.) Silvio Vujičić

Contact: studio@ea11sv.com