Jens Christian Bo Johansen (DK), Sara Jurinčić (HR) Erotic Inquiry No. 1

Sensory installation, 2019

MDF panels, steel strings, paint, LED light, a wooden stool, speakers, tape, feathers, cotton, beans, faux fur, velvet, sandpaper

Architecture: A dark room with a dimly lit chair standing underneath a black box.

Sound narrative: Georges Bataille - “Eroticism”

This work is an inquiry into the first encounter between lovers. The installation deconstructs this experience into its basic elements: visual, auditory, and tactile. After being pulled in by the light, you fade into darkness so you can now pay close attention to sound and touch. Each experience is manifested intimately, hidden in darkness for you to find. “A stranger whispers into your ear. A slight hesitation, you reach out and touch.”

Co-production: KONTEJNER
Technical associates: Igor Brkić and Nikola Brlek
Special thanks to: Andreas Jørnvil, Zlatko Bastašić, Arthur Köstler and Lasse Munk

Jens Christian Bo Johansen and Sara Jurinčić are an art collective based in Copenhagen and Zagreb.

Jens Christian Bo Johansen (DK)

Jens Christian Bo Johansen is a sound designer and visual artist from Copenhagen. He has been making sound and visual installations since 2005 in collaboration with international performance groups, theatres, museums, and festivals in Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Austria. He is currently also engaged in setting up his record label, Theorica Musicae.

Sara Jurinčić (HR)

Sara Jurinčić is an architect and filmmaker from Zadar. She has been collaborating on art projects and workshops in Rotterdam, Zagreb, and Copenhagen. In 2018, she established NOMAD STUDIO – a spatial experiment lab. That same year, she won the Green DCP award at the 25FPS festival (short film – September 3, 2015), and was part of the international competition at the Oberhausen film festival and the SFC at the Cannes Film Festival.