Bobby Baker (UK) How to live?

video, 2004

Big questions call for big answers. After years of research, Bobby Baker is ready to give us the answer to the biggest question of all: How to live? Launching her unique new Therapy Empire Baker offers a set of life-changing techniques in a show guaranteed to effect results in ordered and disordered minds alike. Using state of the art technology and remarkable special effects, the show features a live demonstration of the efficacy of the treatment as Baker holds an "open session" with one of her many patients - a frozen pea - which has been diagnosed with a personality disorder. Watch the pea unfreeze as it learns new skills to cope with its problems and develop "a life worth living".

"I initially thought up this idea to poke fun at the treatment that i was receiving and my frustration with the training material generated in the United States. I discovered the world of therapies, their inventors and websites. I wanted to create my own 'therapy' as a subversive commentary. Gradually, though, I grew to respect and become interested in this movement and so worked with Richard Hallam to research the subject in depth. He is a clinical psychologist, has been a practitioner in the NHS (British National Health Service), a lecturer, with a background in social anthropology, so has contributed a great deal to my thinking."

Bobby Baker (UK)

Bobby Baker is a woman, and an artist, and lives in London, England. In her career of 35 odd years to date she has, amongst other things, danced with meringue ladies; made a life size edible and tasty cake version of her family to be eaten by visitors; opened her kitchen to the public and subsequently many kitchens around the world; driven around the streets of London strapped to the back of a truck screaming at passers by through a megaphone to "Pull Yourselves Together" and cured thousands of her pea patients with their many "unreasonable" psychological and behavioural problems with her Therapy Empire How To Live. Her company is called Daily Life Ltd and is based at Artsadmin, East London. She is also a Senior Research Fellow in the Drama department at Queen Mary, University of London.