Nika Autor (SI) By-Products

multimedia installation, 2009

The project “By-products” is about the emergence of states of anxiety, a phenomenon that is spreading with increasing rapidity. At the same time, it remains a taboo topic in a hidden corner of our everyday life. The complexity of anxiety has broader social as well as individual causes and can be reflected through “stories” written on pharmaceutical prescriptions. Those stories expose the manifold cultural and social pressures constituting the notions of alienation, depersonalization and individuality. Interpretation of them in art, however, can pave the way for articulating the suppressed reality of our time.

Nika Autor (SI)

Nika Autor was born in 1982 in Maribor. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, and during her studies she participated in two exchange programs: at Satakunta Polytechnic Fine Art Kankaanpäi in Finland (2005) and at the University of Fine Arts Poznan in Poland (2006). In her work she focuses on the relation of the artist to his everyday environment. Autor is engaged in painting, printmaking, photography, video and performing arts, and has exhibited her work in many national and international galleries and art festivals.