Media Art China

International Triennial of New Media Art, Beijing is a brand academic program of National Art Museum of China, providing a prominent platform for a global presentation and theorization of cutting edge media artwork and state of development of art and technology under new cultural context. Kontejner is from its beginning invited to curate artworks for Croatia.

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As the first art museum in the world to take “new media art” into its academic study and have successfully hosted triennials, National Art Museum of China has received extensive public attention, particularly from young audience since its first show in 2008. These triennials not only receive good reputation from academic world at home and abroad but also become an important cultural event being looked forward to by the public every 3 years.

NAMOC - National Art Museum of China (Beijing)

Media Art China 2014: Thingworld


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Media Art China 2011: TransLife


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Media Art China 2008: Synthetic Times


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