Andro Giunio (HR) Without centre

Multi-channel composition, 2021

Without centre is an electroacoustic composition about an imaginary space of movement, suspension, dissonance and resonance and their subtle interactions. The processes of manipulating and forming loops of multi-channel sound recordings of human voice, wind and string instruments. Multi-channel composition without centre is the result of participation in KONTEJNER’s educational programmes – the workshop and guided work in a multi-channel studio under the mentorship of electroacoustics engineer and artist Miodrag Gladović. The work was commissioned and produced by KONTEJNER, as part of the project Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Andro Giunio (HR)

Andro Giunio is is a graphic designer, assistant professor at the Department of Media Design at University North in Koprivnica, and experimental musician. In his artistic practice, he focuses on sonic performance, as a solo artist or in collaborative projects with artists in the field of new media, music and contemporary dance. In his work, he explores concepts of the temporality in music, memory, documentation, recording and reproduction in composition and improvisation through live performance, forming loops and manipulating existing sound samples and recordings on digital and analogue media. He has performed at the New Sound Platform - Sinelinea several times (2012, 2013, 2016), has performed one of his compositions for the Croatian Radio Third Program, aired on the show Slika od zvuka (2017), was the artist in residence of the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery Open Studio programme (2018), performed at the Student Center’s Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb (2018), created the music for theatre collective BADco’s 2018 performance-installation The Foundation Pit, and has participated in collaborative projects and performances Choreography of Utopia and Utopia of Extended Here and Now (2018 –).