Luana Lojić (HR) ~ ~a Casting; of Foreshows_Apparitions, Beings and Fields

Multimedia installation, 2020

We can define a situation inimical to civilisation as either a natural catastrophe or a natural phenomenon. While we interpret the one as negative, chaotic and annihilatory, we understand the other in a different linguistic aura: phenomenal, accidental, pulsating, alternating, a given.

Natural changes, or geological and atmospheric changes in the narrower sense, create a primordial feeling of helplessness. Even today, most catastrophes cannot be predicted soon or accurately enough. Floods, fires, earthquakes and storms come under the heading of upheaval, forcible halts in human activity, destructive breaks. The artistic research ~ ~a Casting; of Foreshows_Apparitions, Beings and Fields is founded on a suggestion for interspecies collaboration, an attempt at a poetic complementation of animal senses and human technology: unrecorded territories of detection and sensitivity to geological changes and phenomena – a huge but weakly explored area full of invisible and inaudible appearances. The work creates imaginary visualisations and compositions of electromagnetic waves, ultrasound and infrasound communication channels and quartz as a component of continental crust rocks. We are only just discovering and learning about Sound as a phenomenal consequence and Animals as allies in reception.

If we consider other animal species, we shall come upon undiscovered sensory prognostics. We have systematically exploited many of them in strange and dubious ways – predicting football championships with octopi and learning English with African parrots. Animal prophets are mentioned as early as in Roman writings, when omens were discovered in animal entrails. Perhaps we can foretell the future from the frequency fields, from the sounds that animals make? Foretell, see and feel imminent changes learning from their senses?

Production: KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis

Collaborators: Hrvoje Spudić, Bruno Gudac
Special thanks: Ana Kontrec, Eugen Rožić, Zoran Tadić, Kristian Jambrošić, Boris Štromar, Ivan Marušić Klif

Luana Lojić (HR)

Graduated in 2016 from the Animation and New Media Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She practices applied biophilia. From poetry for stones to living installations, video, film and live art that focuses on the relationship between man and systems, perception and the material surrounding him, Lojić tries to understand the natural processes outside and inside the notion of senses.