Barry Schwartz (US) Shocktactics

performance, 2011

Shocktactics incorporates seemingly disparate elements that combine to create an electro-mechanical interactive environment. One element is a high voltage tension generator surrounded by an array of hybrid solenoids. The generator emits a half million high frequency oscillating volts which arcs to the other element, a set of reconstructed turntables that Schwartz himself wears. As the electric generator sends its arcing voltage to the turntables, Schwartz intervenes and becomes a conductive manipulator of this contrived electro-mechanical environment. Using his body to disrupt the electric process, his presence is fused with the energy fields radiating from the environment. The installation incorporates intricate mechanical structures, electrical phenomena, reactive chemicals, ambient and remanipulated-recorded sound, as well as the union of the artist and technologically inspired sculpture. By entangling himself in the electromechanical process, Schwartz is exploiting the notion that modern technological systems operate with little or no human intervention.

Barry Schwartz (US)

It is commonly acknowledged that the career of artist Barry Schwartz began at age five, when he successfully completed his first circuit utilizing the union between a wall socket and kitchen utensils. Based in Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California, Schwartz has toured and performed with his large scale electromechanical structures in sixteen countries since 1986. Some of his selected exhibitions have included: Circuits Du Solénoïde − Mois Multi 'II, Quebec; Electric Eclectics Festival ’08, Ontario; Elektrosonic Interference, Brisbane; Arte-Suporte-Computador, Sao Paulo;Shock Tactics − The Works Festival ‘97, in Alberta; European Cultural City, Copenhagen and Ars Electronica Festival, Linz. He has completed six international artist residencies and has lectured in various countries, including recent lectures at the Chicago Art Institute and the Rotterdam Academy of Art. Schwartz was the recipient of a Rockefeller Grant and Pollack-Krasner merit grant for 1998.


21—22 h

Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)