installation, 2015

E-MITATION is a luminous and thermal spatial installation that with the primary medium of an electrical heater is equated to the existence of the Sun, the central star with the greatest amount of energy in the Solar system.

The size of the circular heating element placed on the ceiling is diminished in proportion to the sun in such a way that the surface of the sun is 2 392 314 931 013 657 371 753 663.422920 times greater than the surface of the heater, while the temperature of the heater (500 °C) is 11 times lower than the temperature of the surface of the sun (5505 °C).

When it is heated up to 500 °C, the heater gives off heat into space, during which the heat energy bends the air the distortion of which can be seen as a moving shadow in the air. The image of the work thinks through the visual transcription of heat that we do not see in the air but the contour of which we can see spreading through the space around the dark circle of the shade on the floor visually imitating the solar corona. The property of the invisibility of energy that the heater emits in the form of electromagnetic waves spreads through the room and takes on the characteristic of visibility via light.

Objects situated in the space and directly connected to the installation receive heat through a heater that radiates electromagnetic emissions causing the objects to heat up and thus become active participants in the function of the installations' function.

The energy always present in space, which moves within and around a body and incessantly conducts as thermal energy from a warmer to a colder body created a firm interaction in this work takes on a visual consequence in the appearance of the inconstant shadow. The invisible matter of heat via light becomes a visual and autonomous form within the bounded ether the necessary movement of which makes this installation kinetic.

collaborator: Vedran Relja

Iva Ćurić (HR)

Iva Ćurić (b. 1984) graduated in art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, specializing in graphic arts in 2010. In 2006/2007, she also studied intaglio printing at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is active on the arts scene in the field of expanded graphics. Her artistic exploration focuses on collaboration with the fields of science and technology, with an emphasis on exploring perception, the relationship between the visible and the invisible, as well as topics of data, information and the media. Conceptually, her works problematize the notions of reality, illusion and absurdity. Her works have been exhibited in Croatia and abroad. She is a teaching assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.