Ekstravagant Bodies

catalogue and reader

editors: Ivana Bago, Ivana Ivković, Olga Majcen Linn, Tomislav Medak, Sunčica Ostoić

Publication of the first Extravagant Bodies Festival from 2007 on the topic of disability includes exhibition and performances catalogue and essays of contemporary discussions about history of disability in Western culture, sexuality of the disabled, relation of contemporary art and disability, methodology of working with visually impaired in theater, etc.


1. Intro
Extravagant Bodies – 13

2. Performances and theater (live art)
Lisa Bufano: One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart; Five Open Mouths – 18
DLAN: Underwater Rest Stop for Language – 26
Mat Fraser & Julie Atlas Muz:Beauty and the Beast – 28
Novi život: Taste Experiment – 34
Bill Shannon: Blueprint for an Ethereal Structure – 38

3. Exhibition
Encarna: Breaking Barriers – 46
Ivana Jovanović: Luko – 48
Nikica Klobučar: I Orient Myself to Sound – 50
Petra Kuppers & Sadie Wilcox: The Tiresias project – 52
Alison Lapper: Purple Hands; Untitled; Angel – 56
Artur Zmijewski: Karolina; Out for a Walk; Rendez-vous; Singing Lesson 1; Singing Lesson 2 – 60

4. Film
Intro – 69
Freaks: Tod Browning – 70
A Zed and Two Noughts: Peter Greenaway – 71
Dans ma peau: Marina de Van – 72
handbikemovie: Martin Bruch – 73
My One-Legged Dream Lover: Penny Fowler Smith & Christina Olsen – 74
Sick, The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist: Kirby Dick – 75

5. Workshop
Mario Kovač: A Film with Disability – 78

6. Conference
Ivana Ivković: Intro – 85
Colin Barnes: A Legacy of Oppression: A History of Disability in Western Culture – 89
Lois Keidan: Access All Areas – 123
Alison Lapper: My Life in My Hands, extract from autobiography by Alison Lapper – 139
Juliet Robson: Artist’s Physiology and Cultural Environment – 143
Petra Kuppers: A Walk on the Wild Side: Outsider Energies – 155
Jeremy Alliger: Dance & Disability, An Impact Beyond the Stage – 179
Vojin Perić: Crystal Clear, Under My Fingers – 185
Jurij Krpan: The Unwhole Body – 195
Andrej J. Jug: On Illusions in the Relationship Between a Woman and Disabled Man – 213
Andreja Bartolac: How They See Me: the experiences of men and women suffering from cerebral paralysis with respect to their intimate lives – 251
Bojana Kunst: The Pain of Incision: A Brief History of Bodily Disclosure – 255

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