Biochemical cyborg is being developed at a residency in Zagreb

Italian artist Margherita Pevere arrived in Zagreb for the second phase of her residency in KONTEJNER. After the initial phase in Dubrovnik at the biotechnological laboratory UR Institute, Pevere is currently continuing her bio-art research on the materiality and desires of the leaky body.

photo Sanjin Kaštelan

The residency is being realized within the EMAP - European Media Art Platform, a network of eleven European cultural institutions and organizations that annually offers production grants to emerging European artists.

With the productional and curatorial support of KONTEJNER, Pevere is finalizing her art and research project that explores the body as a biochemical cyborg. Titled Wombs, the work investigates the interconnection of leaky materiality of the body, the gesture of taking hormonal contraceptives and its environmental consequences. Wombs will be exhibited as an installation featuring an extra-bodily organ hosting two cell cultures - vaginal epithelial cells along with the cells of slugs as hermaphroditic allies.

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