Research of interspecies dialog throughout sound: new two-month EMAP residency

Spanish artist duo uh513 – María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde have started their two-month residency as part of the EMAP – European Media Art Platform, a network of eleven European cultural institutions and organisations that annually offer production grants to emerging European artists.

Due to the current emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 virus and effective travel restrictions, the residency won't take place in Dubrovnik in collaboration with UR Institute and Gjino Šutić as it was initially planned. The artists will work from the saftey of their home and studio in Gijón, Spain on the development of the work "Beyond Human Perception".

The bio-art project "Beyond Human Perception" is a continuation of the artistic practices by uh513 that are focused on the relationships between human beings and machines, with an emphasis on wearables, but also on the capabilities of other living beings, like plants, to do or perceive things that humans cannot. During the last ten years they have been researching the secret language of plants. To do so, they have been developing their own sensors and robotic systems and integrating them in their artworks.

With KONTEJNER's production and curatorial support in the next two months, the focus of their research will be the exploration of the perception of humans and plants through sound. Their reactions to the same stimuli (live music) will be recorded and compared in order to better understand the nature.

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