"Innovating in Urban Spaces" - new cycle of webinars

Upcoming cycle of online webinars pioneered by Innocamp Poland starts on january 31st 2024 under the title "Regenerative Changemakers’ Capacity Building - Innovating in Urban Spaces" and is organized within the framework of Future DiverCities project.

The topic of the webinars is elevating the engagement in multi-stakeholder collaboration to the level of innovation. This second module is designed to empower participants in initiating collaboration with diverse team members and stakeholders. Delve into the realms of negotiation, networking, social innovation exploration, and the implementation of regenerative transformations. Classes will feature case study analyses, flipped classrooms, creative problem-solving sessions, forum theatre, e-portfolio elevator pitches, and peer assessments.

The participants will experientially learn the basic principles, disruptive innovation indicators, and techniques for leading creative problem-solving sessions for urban regeneration teams. The session will propose tools for ideating alternatives to existing opportunities for systems change, as well as best practices for creating long-term ownership over novel solutions, which allows the simultaneous implementation of multiple interventions and greater accountability.

The facilitators, Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski and Markus Raivio, will also present case studies from Ashoka fellows, and the first success stories of Future DiverCities project partners.

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Before the class, we encourage you to watch the video and read the article:

More about the Future Divercities project and resources for previous webinars can be found here: ovdje: https://future-divercities.eu/resources/

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