Study visit to Barcelona as part of the Arc-hive project

Our curators Jurica Mlinarec and Luja Šimunović visited our partners in Barcelona last week - Hangar.org

From 11th to 16th October 2021, we were hosted by Hangar.org, a center for artistic research and production and our partner in the European project Arc-hive. Over the course of a week, in addition to partner meetings, our curators were introduced to the local bio-media scene through visits to organizations, exhibitions and artists’ studios.

Arc-hive is a project focused on the issue of digitization and conservation of artistic practices that use living or biological matter. Bringing important AV and IT skills to the project, Hangar.org is responsible for the realization of the open source digital platform that will bring together information, knowledge and documentation on these artistic practices. KONTEJNER is working with the partner as the editor-in-chief of the project publication (to be published in spring 2022) exploring the issues that arise during the project, but also its process of realization.

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