Warm-up for the Extravagant bodies festival on the island of Korčula

We are opening the fifth edition of triennial festival Extravagant bodies dealing with the notion of love with two performances. The main exhibition of the Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love festival opens on the 18th of September in the space of HALA V of The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb. Before the opening, KONTEJNER is traveling to the island of Korčula where we will, in collaboration with the grey area organization, present Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2 and Need Your Love So Bad.

Visual identity: Andro Giunio

Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2 is a synesthetic work about touch, which is simultaneously a concert, an audiovisual performance and a dance piece, and gathers dance artist Sonja Pregrad, designer and musician Andro Giunio and new media artist Tin Dožić. For the festival Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love they offer an iteration of the work adapted to the specific space of the Cultural Center Korčula which will be performed on the 14th of August. “Choreography of Utopia, Movement #2 shapes interdependency as a utopian orga(ni)sm; it is a performance that arises from the immediate experience of touch. In the performance we look for the intersections in which movement, sound and light touch one another, where friction between them becomes a set of oscillations. We observe them as one, a body of minerals made up of different pulsating textures and intensities, a body of an animal with various limbs in motion, the body of utopia of different consistencies. The viewer’s immersion into the experience of viewing, listening and touching actively vibrates, becoming a part of this synesthetic body.“

Second performance Need Your Love So Bad takes place on Saturday, 17th of August at the Summer Cinema Korčula. Niko Mihaljević will perform his piece which came about during the artist residency in New York. “As a result of a surplus of spare time, and prompted by a kind of abstract melancholy, I spontaneously started whistling along to Need Your Love So Bad, a blues standard best known in the Fleetwood Mac version of 1968. This leisurely household activity was the prototype for a public performance that consists of ten three minute variations on the theme, correlating the artificial surrogate of the blue genre with the serialism of the artistic avant-gardes. Leisurely improvised whistling replaces the hyper-emotional electrical guitar solo, while the readymade MIDI accompaniment taken from YouTube substitutes for the delicate musicality of the Fleetwood Mac rhythm section. Nevertheless, in this minimalistic instrumental karaoke-type-treatment, there is still a feeling of longing. Thanks Peter Green."

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