Contact: Odranska 1/1, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska / kontejner@kontejner.org / +385(0)15806255

KONTEJNER is a non-profit NGO from Zagreb, Croatia, founded in 2002. and engaged in curatorial work, organization of art festivals, public cultural events, artwork production, education, publishing and social theory. Our main field of interest is progressive contemporary intermedia art, sound art and experimental music, with special emphasis on projects investigating the role and meaning of science, technology, and the body in our society, as well as relevant and current phenomena, provocative and intriguing subjects, and those perceived by the society as taboos.

The team at KONTEJNER has curated and organized over 120 group and solo exhibitions, performances, lectures, workshops and presentations of international and Croatian artists, theoreticians, philosophers, scientists, hackers, and innovators. Our projects were presented in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and China, scaling from the biggest international events such as the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia (2022) and extensive thematic festivals Device_art, Touch Me and Extravagant bodies, to artist residencies and educational programs for artists, cultural workers and audiences. KONTEJNER has until 2023 produced and coproduced more than 100 artworks and published over 20 books.

Working specifically in the framework of cross-sectoral collaborations, KONTEJNER is connected with many institutions, organizations and individuals - from universities and museums to scientific and research institutes from Europe and beyond. Annually KONTEJNER collaborates with more than 40 partners from all over the world through numerous local and European projects and networks.