From the very beginning, Extravagant Bodies has been marked by its collaboration with LADA, a London-based organisation that is dedicated to the development of performance and life art.

Collaboration with LADA in this year’s version of the festival resulted in the invitation of Lois Weaver, a performer who for many years has been concerned with the sexuality of people of the third and fourth ages. A provocative and witty performance, the result of an informal workshop in a retirement home, deals with a taboo topic, which is sensitive in all age groups, but particularly interesting in advanced years, in collaboration with persons who have reduced powers of reproduction but undiminished sexual appetites.

Sexuality is also one of the basic motifs themes of the performances of the transvestite Sandy Stone, who in her spell-binding and partially autobiographical piece summons up alternative, transgender models of life, including in old age. HerThe Nneo-vagina Mmonologues are an inspiration inspiring and authentic, and for our milieu, practically futuristic work.

The paradox of jaunting into the future that is in fact old age is treated in his new work by Damir .Bartol. Indoš, his point of reference also being autobiographical: the unhealthy long life burdened by illnessevity of his own parents. The machine that Indoš builds is a Deleuzian desiring machine of old age consisting of a spring and weight for walking with difficulty, old photos and copies on carbon paper. The depiction of Indoš in old age is a depiction of a desire for an active, in fact, a super-active, old age.

DB Indoš (HR)

Vareška 19 (sprung performance of Address)

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Siniša Labrović (HR)

Please, sit next to my mother and say something nice to her

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Allucquére Rosanne “Sandy” Stone (US)

Touch me touch you: A neovagina monologue

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  • #transgender

Škart (RS), David Albahari (RS)

The Writer is the Stamp

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Lois Weaver (UK)

What Tammy Needs to Know About Getting Old and Having Sex

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Klovićevi dvori Gallery (Zagreb)