Festival Device_art 5.015 revives Zagreb’s Upper town with noisy sound installations, kinetic sculptures, interactive performances, audio-visual ambients and numerous exciting robotic experiences.

After Slovenia, USA, Japan, Czech Republic, eleven years and four successfull triennial international festivals of robotics, gadgets and devices this years Device_art 5.015 is a part of a new initiave In the Upper town with the well known Gričevanje festival and Klovićevi dvori Gallery. Techno-artistic concepts of Device_art will intertwine with energetic and urban sounds of Gričevanje music festival reviving Zagreb’s Upper town with the combination of music concerts, robotic performances, exhibition and DIY workshops for children and adults.

In partnership with Canadian and Slovenian organisations Eastern Bloc, Video Pool Media Arts Center and Kapelica Gallery, international exhibition Device_art 5.015 will present renominated Canadian and regional artists such as Catherine Béchard (CA) and Sabin Hudon (CA), Myriam Bleau (CA), Maxime Damecour (CA), Vitar Drinković (HR), Craig Fahner (CA), Erin Gee (CA), Alice Jarry (CA), Nataliya Petkova (BG/CA), Saša Spačal (SI), Robertina Šebjanič (SI) and many more.

Starting from the romantic vision of artist as an inventor, Device_art has since 2004 grown into one of the leading international festivals which deals with the phenomenology of the device and points to the new perspectives in our everyday life surrounded by technology. Deliberating different possibilities, limitations and potentials that it brings to the society, this comparative project is headed towards critical research and communication of art which uses analogue, digital, hi and low-tech technologies and devices.


Klovićevi dvori Gallery (Zagreb)