After five Device_art seasons and the presentation of five international art scenes, around hundred artists and even more interesting machines, robotic devices, gadgets and uncommon artistic concepts that marked the first versions of the festival, Device_art, in the 5.016 edition, travels to Montreal and presents to the Canadian audiences a selection of works by Croatian, Slovene and Japanese artists in the area of contemporary art production in the technological and scientific contexts.

A comparative and exchange international exhibition project launched in 2004, Device_art has from its very beginnings supplied a framework for the presentation of artistic production that has its point of departure in the use of technologies, the application of digital or analogue sets, as well as in the ingenious consideration of diverse media for the purpose of shaping inventive and provocative art concepts. Throughout its life the project has consistently created and fostered a platform for Croatian artists who want to deal creatively with technology and who have oriented their researches and experiments to artistic media that comes out of the boxes of settled and traditional artistic practices. Every new edition of the Device_art festival has thus presented a selection of the most compelling works of Croatian artists that have given an insight into the diverse applications of the new media, scientific and technological achievements and the possibilities of joining numerous mechanical and digital components in weird and wonderful device structures.

Device_art has presented, contextualised, communicated and helped in the production of the most diverse kinds of projects, ranging from interactive interfaces and futuristic gadgets, robotic concerts and pyro-performances, hacked toys and food, nanobots and fungal mycelium all the way to DIY research into the fields of expanded reality and the redefinition of classic artistic materials, incessantly re-examining the boundaries of art itself. Alongside the Croatian artistic production until now also works by Slovene, Serbian, Californian, Japanese, Czech and Canadian artists have been presented.


Eastern Bloc (Montréal)