Round table

Petar Milat: Introduction

Dušan Bjelić: Freud's Self-Orientalism and the “Nazi Symptom” of Psychoanalysis

Ana Peraica: The Victims' Symptom

Zoran Roško: How Did We All Become Mad?

Sergio Benvenuto: Age of Happiness, Age of Depression

Adi Hasanbašić: The Voice of Madness Live on Air

Leonard Roy Frank: Electroshock Damages the Brain and Destroys Memory

Tihana Maravić: Holy Fool as a Performer

Dubravka Stijačić: Collaboration between Artists and Mental Health Professionals

Ljiljana Filipović: Philosophy − Psychiatry − Anti-Psychiatry − Non-Psychiatry

Paul Murray: Playing with Asperger's Syndrome: We Are Not Supposed to Be Able to Do This, Are We?

Mario Kovač: I Don't Want to Be Inside Me Anymore. Autism and Theatre

Association for Self-Advocacy: Presentation of the Association's Members and Activities

Jelena Ćališ: The Sexuality of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Jelena Dukarić: The Bio-Psycho-Social Approach

Mochvara Club (Zagreb)