David Hoyle (UK) On The Couch with David Hoyle

performance, 2009

Join the incomparable David Hoyle for an intimate one-on-one encounter on Sigmund Freud’s sofa. Part confessional, part holistic release, David invites you to a private consultation to share your secrets and vent your spleen within the very personal confines of his therapy boudoir. This is your opportunity to express yourself ¬and become better acquainted with yourself through conversation. The dialogue with David is sure to raise your spirits and increase the value of your life. Blurring the lines between performance and conspiracy, your time On The Couch with David will be defined only by the dark recesses of your mind and may be used in the creation of Theatre of Therapy. Please note that by purchasing a ticket for this event you agree to your experience with David being filmed, and that parts of this footage may be used in his later theatrical extravaganza, Theatre of Therapy.

David Hoyle (UK)

David Hoyle is a British performance artist, actor and comedian. He became notable for his 1999 tv-show Divine David Presents, followed by The Divine David Heals. In 2000 he publicly killed off this character, but made a comeback in 2006 with the showDavid Hoyle's S.O.S. Hoyle has performed world-wide, not only on television but also on film, stage and radio: he “will sink his remaining nicotine stained teeth into any medium.” He enjoys reading, listening to music, pornography, spending time on Facebook, and herbal tea. He is a seeker of Truth, Honesty, Justice and The Authentique!