DLAN (HR) Underwater Rest Stop for Language

performance, 2007

Sometimes the words coming out of our mouths can be redundant, heavy or useless, as well as inappropriate. Maybe they could be replaced by something nonverbal — a sign, movement or gesture. As you might have noticed, or as you know and have seen, but are not aware of, this exists. The richness of non-speech communication. Speech communication? That implies speech performed by speech organs (mouth, teeth, palate, larynx, the respiratory system...) Non-speech communication? You must wonder what that might be, you could guess, but you’ve never had a chance to see it or you weren’t interested. Now is your chance to plunge into our world, the world of an underwater rest stop for language, but it could also be an aerial rest stop for language, a neighborhood rest stop for language, etc. Non-speech communication? Body movements, facial expressions, gestures, body positions, emotions expressed on the face, signs... Try plunging into our world and initiating ordinary, human communication without preconceptions. Use your imagination, your hidden talents, and potentials. You might find yourself amazed with the fact how much is hidden inside you, of which you haven’t been aware before. If you have plunged, flown or dropped into these rest stops, you will ∫nd our 10 reasons, which we proudly demonstrate at each of the rest stops, and you will not regret your visit.

10 top reasons to learn sign language

10. you can communicate through windows
9. sign language is a three-dimensional language
8. you can communicate with your mouth full
7. hearing parents can communicate with their deaf child
6. you can communicate underwater
5. sign language is a beautiful way to express yourself
4. you can communicate across a room without shouting
3. sign language is beautiful
2. you can make friends with deaf people
1. sign language brings together hearing & deaf people



The association Theater, visual arts and deaf culture — DLAN was founded on October 18, 2001 by a group of deaf people dedicated to promoting deaf culture, theater and visual arts in Croatia and internationally, providing greater accessibility to arts and cultural events for the deaf andhard of hearing community, and advocating the acceptance of the deaf as a cultural minority. DLAN encourages creativity and selfrespect in deaf people. Participating in deaf culture congresses and festivals, as well as various other festivals all over the world, has been of signi∫cant help in developing this movement, which is just beginning to gain ground in Croatia. We place special emphasis on starting a sign language theater, so far non-existent in Croatia. The feedback we have been getting from the audience, both deaf and hearing audience, is very positive and encouraging. The immediate impulse for the founding of the DLAN association was the premiere of the first Croatian sign language theater show, The Planet of Silence. Since then, DLAN has been known not only as a deaf theater group, but also as a venue in which deaf culture is explicitly and