Andreja Kulunčić (HR) Closed Reality – Embrio

interactive web installation

The project is based on an interactive game played on the Internet. Choosing among different genetically determined traits, the players (participants in the project) create virtual embryos – their own virtual progeny. The created embryos are exhibited in an 'embryo gallery'. In the second phase of the project the society of virtual people created by Internet users is compared with the inhabitants of a 'real' society. Also, during the first six months 6 presentations and discussions were organized on the topic of cloning and genetic engineering (Centre for Women Studies, Faculty of Philosophy – Zagreb; Cyber club Palach – Rijeka, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Otok Gallery – Dubrovnik, Centre for Peace Studies Zagreb)

Upon that the results of the project were presented in the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (April 2000). The project continued with series of pro and contra discussions on usage of genetic engineering on humans. Participants included eminent Croatian natural and social scientists and the broader public. In addition to the discussion evenings, there was also an 'open term' in the gallery when the gallery was open for everyone interested in the subject. The gallery space and the selected items – statistics, books, videotapes of lectures and discussions, CD-ROM and web site – were made available for further exploration and use.

authors: Andreja Kulunčić (visual artist, concept & project manager) / Trudy Lane (designer) / Gabrijela Sabol (sociologist) / Matija Puzar (programmer) / Ivo Martinović (photographer)

Andreja Kulunčić (HR)

Andreja Kulunčić is a visual artist, born in 1968. She studied sculpture, graduating in 1992 from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. From 1992 to 1994 studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Her work has been featured in exhibitions such as documenta 11, Manifesta 4, 8. Istanbul Biennial, Day Labor (P.S.1, New York), The America Effect (Whitney Museum of American Art in NY), Liverpool Biennial, among others. 
She has participated in artist's residencies at the Art in General in New York, at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, at Artspace in Sydney, Australia, in 10th Tiennale-India and others. She lives in Zagreb, Croatia, where she teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Animated Film and New Media.